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The Navy Pilot Who Tracked Government Confirmed UFOs Went On Rogan And Aliens Are Definitely Real

I’m an aliens guy. If you read me or follow me on twitter you probably know that by now. What I am not is a UFO guy. I’ve always just thought it’d be too hard to travel ALL the way here from a place a billion light years or whatever away. I’ve seen Interstellar. I didn’t understand it. The bookcase and travel travel? Didn’t make sense. I love Ancient Aliens because that opens up of the possibility that these super intelligent aliens found their way here a long time ago. That seems more plausible than them buzzing our tower all the time.

This guy though…hard to listen to a Navy Commander with 20+ years of flying experience and not have your mind changed. They tell you “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but that is bullshit. You absolutely can. When you see the typical Alien people


You can dismiss them as whackos. Jesus might have been an alien, but THAT girl holding the sign has zero chance of convincing me. Commander David Fravor though…


cmdr fravor

Sir, yes, SIR! Jesus was an Alien if you say so, Sir! He’s credible. The experience. The way he tells the story. He knows what he saw. He knows what he would normally see from an aircraft. This is how you get the government onboard with being like “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess it was fucking UFOs, it’s real. We can’t deny it”. And since they have said that I am not going to stop blogging it until everyone ONLY talks about aliens because it’s driving me nuts that it is 330 and this interview is just now on the blog. It should’ve been headline news again everywhere. A tic tac the size of a 737 moving in every direction from the surface of the ocean to 80,000 ft in the air and can’t be seen by radar. What the fuck? That should be on the front page of the New York Times every day until the aliens land, get out, and say “we are here and you all are slaves now”. Until then the investigations and the world stops.

PS: Part of me thinks it is scarier if like China or Russia developed these aircraft and not Aliens.