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White Sox Dave Did It Again!

This was from a White Sox Dave blog earlier and before we go any further let me first say that I don’t want to do this.

I don’t want to be in the mud about fact checking basic fucking statements. And I don’t want to be linked to WSD’s research efforts or why he’s writing a blog about how much the Twins suck less than a week after they finished 28.5 games above the White Sox.

But here we are because that’s life and life tells me we really need to get a fact checker on staff for WSD. Without getting too historical, tell me if this looks familiar:

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 1.34.54 PM

*Alexa what’s the record for most team home runs in a season?* 

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 1.34.26 PMI know we say “Hate To See It” a lot around here but I actually do hate to see it. And not because I’m tired of WSD getting bodied – that’s good for him and he needs more of it.

In this case I hatE to see it because pound for pound WSD knows baseball – like the actual on field play – really fucking well. I wouldn’t give him a uniform and put him in the dugout, but he knows the game inside and out: calling pitches, swing styles, matchups, all that shit. You can sit and talk baseball with Dave until your jaw cramps and not get bored. At least I have and it’s one of his few truly unique and endearing qualities. Plenty of UNIQUE qualities but the combo of UNIQUE + ENDEARING is what sticks…


And the part that kills me though is that you guys might not ever find out about it because he’s so fucking busy ignoring common sense. Like check a blog for me one time Dave so we can talk about the merits of your argument, which is actually pretty good:

 You’re a loser. People are killing you left and right. The White Sox suck but at least they haven’t lost 15 straight playoff games and 12 in a row to the Yankees going back to 2004.

That’s the point of the blog. Not the HR records and the free agent signings. Not how small market teams work or what your marathon time was. The point is that no matter how bad you have it, watching your team get swept every time they play in the postseason is that much worse. And if that’s the blog – it’s actually a pretty fair point: getting swept for the 5th straight time by the Yankees vs. winning 72 games and knowing tomorrow is brighter than today?

I’ll take tomorrow in a landslide but who really cares because it’s not my fucking team.

PS – I still stand by WSD as a baseball guy. One of the biggest I know. It’s the media-baseball guy thing we’re after and if you give me some time and get Dave an open mind I think I can help. I think. Keyword OPEN MIND.