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Reports Say Mark Sanchez Was Irate With The Jets After Getting Injured In The Preseason

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ProfootballtalkWith Mark Sanchez finally deciding to have season-ending surgery on his right shoulder, we’ve almost certainly seen the last of the quarterback in a Jets uniform. That means time is running short for stories about the dysfunctional relationship between the team and Sanchez in the last few months of his tenure. Brian Costello of the New York Post gets one under the wire from the night that Sanchez was injured against the Giants in a preseason game. Costello reports that Sanchez’s “emotions came out in a behind-the-scenes fit” after he was hurt in the game. Sanchez was inserted into the game with second and third string players in the fourth quarter after the Jets pulled Geno Smith. According to Costello, Sanchez screamed at General Manager John Idzik and was “furious” that the team put him into the game in that situation. Tension has existed between the team and Sanchez since then, which presumably put the icing on the farewell cake that many expected the team would bake for Sanchez at the end of the season. A good portion of the criticism heaped on the Jets for playing Sanchez at that moment had to do with the perception that Sanchez had become the starting quarterback by virtue of Smith’s struggles against the Giants that night. With Sanchez out, the Jets had no choice but to start the rookie. No one can know how the last five games would have turned out had Sanchez been in the lineup, but Smith has shown enough positives in those games to fully turn the page from the Sanchez era even before Sanchez officially did it by having surgery.

Cannot blame Mark Sanchez one bit. At the end of the day, he was a shitty, shitty NFL quarterback. Fucking sucked. And no matter how badly the organization fucked with him, its still ultimately on Sanchez for sucking so bad. That being said, there’s absolutely no doubt the Jets mismanaged his career and basically killed any chance of Sanchez replicating his success in 2009 and 2010. Like I said, the main issue is that Sanchez just sucked, and when it came time for him to take that next step – where his team was winning because of him instead of despite him – he couldn’t do it. But Tannenbaum more or less let go every big time veteran presence Sanchez had on his O line and in his back field. They brought in Tebow which started the whole circus. And then Idzik and Rex carried that torch and put the nail in the coffin making him play in the 4th quarter of a preseason game surround by 9th string players who ended up responsible for his injury.

Dude definitely sucked. I am not sad to see him go. But part of me thinks if he maybe blew his lid a couple years back and stood up for himself while his team did everything they could to fucking him over, he might have benefitted. Not even meaning he would have been a stud NFL quarterback. Just for a sense of human pride. It was admirable the way he basically shouldered all the blame for the past couple failure seasons, but he probably should have told the team, the media, and the haters to go fuck themselves before it was too late.

PS – Hopefully Idzik had more importantly Woody Johnson learn from previous mistakes and don’t repeat them with Geno.