China Had The Most Unbelievable Track and Field Fuck Up I've Ever Seen When They Just Started Running The Wrong Way

I quite frankly don't know what I just watched. Hand up, I'm not a track and field aficionado but I've watched this video 500 times to try and figure out what happened. I mean they were just running the other way. Ideally in a running race you want to run the correct way to win the race. You just can't do that. I almost put a must watch on this but I held off because it's track and field. Still, that video is truly unreal. I don't believe it exists. It's stunning.

This was in the 4x100 relay FINAL which I think plays directly into Olympic qualifying. These women appear to have missed the baton hand off in the right zone and their brains immediately melted. They legit forgot the rules of their sport. At some point you need to just walk off the track and go home. You can't be running backwards figuring out where to start over while everyone else has finished the race. The best is when they get back to the starting point and miss the hand off AGAIN. AGAIN!!! Then the runner turns around after finally getting the baton the right way and is like "should we even fucking do this?" So perfect.

Also, what in God's name is happening with this woman's arm?

All of this was to avoid being DQ'd it seems and have their time count for Olympic qualifying.


YIKES. If I know one thing about the Chinese it's that bringing this kind of dishonor to your country does not end well.