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Colorado Avalanche Fans Are Getting Screwed And Can't Watch Their Team On TV

Stanley Cup Playoffs Colorado Avalanche vs Nashville Predators game six

The beginning of the hockey season is awesome. You finally get to watch your team after months of time off. You get to see draft picks, new players and coaches and sometimes even new jerseys. That is, unless you are a fan of the Colorado Avalanche. Avs games are currently being blacked out in the Denver area for people with DirectTV, Dish, and Comcast due to Altitude Sports having a contract dispute.

Denver Post – Fans accustomed to watching the Altitude Sports feed of the game through distributors Comcast, DirecTV and Dish won’t be able to, barring a last-minute deal, because of the ongoing TV dispute. Their carriage deals with Altitude ended more than a month ago, and neither side appears close to a resolution, even as the season openers for the Avalanche and Denver Nuggets approach.

What a nightmare. I can’t imagine anything worse than not being able to watch the team you are a fan of at the beginning of the season. You waited ALL this time and now you’re barred from watching games (legally) because a couple of billionaires can’t agree on a deal.

The Avalanche are fucking awesome this year too. MacKinnon, Rantanen, Makar, Landeskog, they are just pumping out stud players this season. There has been a build up for this team for years and they are FINALLY a Cup contender and what do ya know, Altitude TV decided they don’t want to play the games on TV anymore. Such a joke. Avs fans deserve better.