What Video Game Did You Play With Your Buddies More Than Any Other?

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For me, it was Halo 3. Sorta the Halo series as a whole, honestly – but mostly Halo 3.

We spent HOURS upon HOURS upon HOURS playing Custom Games on Foundry, Snipers on Valhalla, Grifball on weekends, and of course, completing the campaign on Legendary difficulty, and I probably know those maps better than I know the layout of the house I grew up in. I loved everything about the Halo universe. I read the books, watched Red vs Blue religiously, dressed up as Master Chief, all of it.

Gametime has reinvigorated that love for me, along with the egos of these young chaps in the office who think they could step up to me at Bloodgulch in Halo: Cambat Evolved, and now, each and every Monday and Friday afternoon, we get together for me to remind them what it means to be a Spartan in the USMC.

We’re going LIVE at 1pm EST on Twitch for said beatdown in Halo, so join in and ask a question in the chat! It’ll be a fun time.