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They Made Jay Gruden Come In at 5am This Morning Just To Get Fired And Leave

You know what? I put this one on Jay. You don’t go into work at 5am just to get fired. What did he think was going to happen when Synder and Allen called him into work at 5am? Donuts, coffee, and some light banter about the weather? Everyone knew he was done after yesterday’s game. Shit, I tweeted it yesterday during brunch.


And he still woke up before sunrise to get fired by Dan? You gotta show up at noon smelling like whiskey. Or just shoot a text “Am I fired y/n?”. Anything besides the 5am firing. That’s just so brutal. Then what do you do? Do you immediately clean out your desk, or do you send someone else in to do that for you later? Imagine packing up a box of pictures and paperwork at 5am? No thanks. Just let the next coach have my stuff, I’m going home, booking the next flight to Cabo, and taking a nap til 2pm. I’m sure he’s doing that anyway now, let’s just hope he gave both Dan and Bruce a piece of his mind before he walked out at 5:01.

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