Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Week 6 and NFL Week 5

Yakking, spending time with the rain, and getting hit with chairs. That’s all included in this edition of “Football Guy of the Week” nominees. We start things off down in the 305. Dalé!

Virginia Tech LB Alan Tisdale puking on the field immediately before a play.

If you can’t make it to the toilet, in between the hash marks will do. In fact, this is a great strategy by the Hokies defense. This pulling of the trig essentially blocks that part of the field out for Miami’s red zone offense to utilize. If the Hurricanes totally ignore the puke and still run one up the gut, then tip of the cap to them. Maybe that’s the start to declaring “The U” being back.

Titans HC Mike Vrabel for standing alone in the pouring rain at midfield before Tennessee’s game vs. Buffalo.

We’ve seen Coach Vrabel running sprints and participating in D-Line drills before putting on the headset and manning the sidelines with the Titans. This just shows that no matter what is falling from the sky, it will not mess up his mojo. Unfortunately, the Bills ruined his team’s mojo, coming into Nashville and winning 14-7.

LSU strength coach Tommy Moffitt for having an assistant hit him in the back with a folding chair to “make sure the players were awake” ahead of an 11 a.m. kickoff.

What’s just as great as Coach O having a special relationship with the sun? His strength coach using steel chairs as motivation. If you’re a LSU Tiger and your phone alarm randomly doesn’t go off one morning, don’t you worry: Coach Moffitt and his chair will wake you up. Clearly, the Tigers were ready for this early kick, taking down Utah State 42-6.

Bears G Kyle Long when asked which London landmarks he would like to visit: “I want to see what the end zones are like at Tottenham Stadium.”

Good mindset from our recurring guest here, but as Mr. Cat said on the show, it would have been nice to see more of these end zones. Luckily, the Bears will have some time to reflect during their bye week and will hopefully see more end zones in the future.

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