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NFL Refs Don't Give A Fuck If You Challenge Pass Interference

Yeah, you can throw your red challenge flag all you want. The NFL refs have very clearly gotten together – colluded if you will – to say “Fuck outta here.” I’ve seen exactly one of these overturned from what was called on the field and that was the Josh Gordon pick play against the Dolphins. Also know as the most inconsequential game in NFL history. I don’t know what T.Y. Hilton did wrong on this play, Cris Collinsworth doesn’t know, T.Y. Hilton doesn’t know. The only thing I know is that these conspiring motherfuckers aren’t going to overturn their own calls for interference for anything short of what went down in New Orleans last year in the NFC Championship. And even then I could see them calling the pass uncatchable just to keep their refereeing stats up. I don’t even know if there are refereeing stats but that would certainly explain why they’re outright REFUSING to reverse any of these calls on the field.