This Dunk Is So Insane The Announcer Started Singing 'I Believe I Can Fly'

I know there’s a bit of a numbness that comes now with dunks. People see them all the time. People seem to be losing interest. But, this? This is flat out absurd. Jordan Mickey (who was a freak at LSU) took off from the goddamn free throw line during a tie game in the 4th quarter. I think Coley summed it up the best in a tweet to me:

You don’t see this. You don’t see a legit free throw line dunk during a game. I mean listen to the announcer (yet again proving that outside of Gus and Raft, Spanish announcers are the best) starting to sing I Believe I Can Fly. You don’t do that for a normal dunk. You don’t just start screaming MICKEY, MICKEY, MICKEY without knowing something absurd is happening.

The dunk was just way too casual and makes me start to wonder just where he can dunk from. A step inside the 3pt line? Behind it? I need Mickey to start pulling out a dunk like this every game just so we can find out the real answer. And sure, go ahead and say’ cool, a dunk, seen it before’ – the fact is this dunk is wild.

Still an absolutely hilarious call: