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10,000 Pelicans Fans Booed Zion Williamson Today And Frankly He Deserved Every Second Of It

That’s it. Zion is a complete bust. No other way to put it. I have zero faith in this guy figuring it out. I mean he’s scared of the moment (probably why RJ Barrett took all of the shots late in games last season) and choked in front of Pelicans fans. Who doesn’t know the words to ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’? I don’t care how old you are. Everyone knows those words. Everyone sings it whenever it comes on, usually at a wedding. He deserved to be booed to high heaven. Don’t even get me started on the fact that he had to apparently have someone help him out with his phone to get the lyrics.

Meanwhile we have an absolute unreal performance from Nickeil Alexander-Walker.


I mean just go ahead and put Nickeil Alexander-Walker in for Rookie of the Year. My man here (who I actually really like as a rookie with his ability to play on and off the ball and can stretch the floor) put a beat down on A Thousand Miles. That’s what Zion should have done. He should have played into the moment. That’s why the Pelicans need to build around NAW.

Oh, right this is why Pelicans fans will forgive Zion