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It's Some Bullshit That Markelle Fultz Is Finally Making His Magic Debut Tomorrow And It Won't Be Shown On TV

2019-20 Orlando Magic Media Day

Well this is certainly some bullshit. What the hell is going on with Fox Sports or the Spurs broadcast partner? I won’t try and pretend I am some sort of expert on broadcast rights or any of that shit but I feel like there has to be a workaround here. The Magic had a great season by their standards last year, so why aren’t their preseason games on TV? After some research this game is only going to be able to be heard on the radio. Is this a thing all around the league? I sort of just assumed the local network always showed preseason games so at the very worst you could just watch an away broadcast if your city didn’t show away games. Or at the very least you can stream it online through their website or something. I feel like in 2019 this shouldn’t be an issue but it appears unless there’s a Buffstreams of the Jumbotron feed anyone who wants to see Markelle Fultz play tomorrow is shit out of luck. Considering we’ve waiting years to see how he looks, I find that rather annoying.

That’s why I’m going to need a stoolie out there to send over some sort of working stream. I don’t care if it’s someone on Periscope and I have to watch the whole game that way I just really want to see how Fultz looks. This is where the death of r/nbastreams really hurts. I’m still holding out hope there is that jumobtron feed out there somewhere but maybe that’s only going to be at thing during the regular season. Seeing as how Fultz has a real opportunity with the Magic, and we kept hearing all summer how he’s going to surprise people and his shot is fixed and all this hype I need to see it in game action with my own eyes.

I’m rooting for him, I hope he looks like a capable NBA player and I also hope both Derrick White and Dejounte Murray play for the Spurs so we can see what Fultz looks like against real competition. It’s still bullshit though that we live in a world where you have to travel back in time and listen over a radio just to follow NBA games in 2019.

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