Jim Belushi Is About To Release 'Blues Brothers' Weed

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The Province - Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi’s widow Judy Belushi Pisano and John’s brother, actor Jim Belushi, congregated on the latter’s cannabis farm in southern Oregon this past weekend to announce the official release of a Blues Brothers cannabis label.

How about Jim Belushi popping up in the news on a random Friday? I don’t know if it was common knowledge about Jim being in the weed game or not, but I had no idea. Granted, I don’t think that Jim has any beat reporters following him around to announce his day to day happenings for really anyone to know.

Anyway, I don’t love Jim Belushi boxing in on a Blues Brothers weed and that’s not because I don’t like Jim. I think he’s fine. I’m not one of those people who call him the “unfunny brother” or someone who makes fun of him for living in John’s shadow because in alot of ways that’s wildly unfair.

But, at the same time he ain’t the Blues BROTHER. John is. John is who you think of when you talk about that Chicago classic. I suppose if Aykroyd is cool with it then I don’t really have a leg to stand on, but I think Aykroyd’s just too nice of a guy. You ever listen to him in an interview? The guy is ultra complimentary/extremely giving so of course he wasn’t gonna say no.

I will say though that I don’t know if Jim has thought this whole thing through. What if people start driving through malls or getting in high speed police chases and just blame it on that good ‘Blues Brothers’ dank and that they saw it in the movie? People will reach for any straw nowadays so don’t count it out.