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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher, October 4, 2019



MassachusettsA former Peabody special education student has alleged a teacher aide plied him with alcohol and opioids while she performed sex acts on the teenager in her home.

The complaint filed in U.S. District Court said the boy, now in his 30s, identified by the pseudonym John Doe, was a freshman at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School when Lynette Occhipinti, an educational assistant … “plied him with drugs and alcohol so she could sexually abuse him, and caused the addiction that has nearly killed him,” said the court documents. …

John is described as having been on an Individualized Education Plan to address his attention deficit disorder and other learning disabilities. The conditions affected his reading comprehension and the ability to process things quickly.

During his first year at the high school, the complaint said Occhipinti tutored John for an hour each school day. He was 14 when he and another special education student went to her Salem home for the first time, the suit said, where the boys used her tanning bed.

“When John arrived, she suggested that she rub John’s body with lotion to help the tanning process … Occhipinti rubbed lotion on John’s back, shoulders, and chest … Occhipinti’s then-husband suggested they all smoke marijuana and they did,” the complaint said.

The boys visited her home at least twice a week for tutoring. Occhipinti encouraged them to drink alcohol and smoke pot, the suit said. Over time, there was less tutoring and more sexual abuse, the man alleged.

“Occhipinti told John that she fantatsizes about him every night when she’s having sex with her husband … and made sexual advances toward him,” court documents said.

As time went on, Occhipinti supplied the boys with pain medications, including opioids, he alleged.

“One evening when John was 15, she gave John alcohol and drugs, he became intoxicated, and she removed his shirt and performed oral sex on him,” the complaint said.

On other occasions, he alleged Occhipinti dressed up in lingerie and high heels, straddled him and tried to engage in sexual intercourse with him. But because John was underdeveloped, her attempts were unsuccessful and she “forced John to give and receive oral sex … and spank her.” …


He graduated in 2003, but by then he was a “full-blown addict,” the complaint said.

In recent years, John enrolled in a community college with the dream of becoming a police officer or firefighter. But he could not complete his studies and began treatment for the addiction a few years ago.

AndThe lawsuit alleges that Doe visited her at her New Hampshire summer home where he got wasted and she had him drive her kids around to get ice cream. Doe claims that he blacked out during the drive, forced the children to drive the rest of the way, and the kids crashed the car into a bike in front of her home.

Occhipinti’s husband died in 2005, two years after Doe graduated, prompting him to cut communications with her, and the lawsuit alleges that she began showing up at his parent’s as a result of being ignored.

First of all, and I can’t stress this enough, this is a lawsuit, not a criminal charge. Like I said with Antonio Brown’s accuser, anyone can file anything they want in a court clerk’s office. The standard for bringing a criminal complaint is much, much higher. And the standard for getting a conviction, much higher than that.

With that disclaimer out of the way, if there is any truth to this, it is not at all up to the standards of the sacred American institution that is the Sex Scandal Teacher. SSTing is supposed to positive. It’s supposed to be mutually rewarding for all involved. The teacher, the student, sometimes even the cucked husband. It’s meant to be a physical expression of the bond between a young man and his deranged, dong-hungry lunatic educator. And a force for good.

It’s not supposed to be … well, this. All dark and disturbing. Filled with hardcore drugs, addiction, failed dreams, child endangerment and death. Not to mention going full Glenn Close “Fatal Attraction” bunny boiler on the lad. Again, if true, this is not the sort of uplifting, inspirational tale of love between a high schooler and his reckless, horny teacher that made GtNSST great.

The Grades:
Looks: Lord help me, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for that North Shore, bleach blonde, common as dirt, animal print trashiness of a lady like Lynette Occhipinti. You can almost feel the warm glow of her orange tanning bed skin. To smell the sweet aroma of White Claw on her breath. And hear the sound of her slurred opioid speech and the cackle of her laugh as it turns into a menthol cigarette cough. And I’ve known enough Lynettes to know those hoop earrings aren’t the biggest she owns. That Halloween picture alone gets her a decent grade here. And I’m not so sure that was even Halloween.
Grade: C+

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: Geez, take away all the sadness and negativity and you’ve got a hell of a story. Filled with breathtaking details like the tanning bed lotion rub down, oral, spanking. Again, if true. And one thing that suggests it might be true is that stuff about not being “fully developed,” which is a tough admission for anyone to make, even about his high school freshman self. It’s a shame because I can’t NOT include all that darkness. So let’s split the baby.
Grade: C

Intangibles: “DO NOT ALLOW MEN UNDER 30 TO TRAVEL ALONE.” Yet another one of these things that writes itself.
Grade: A+

Overall: B. Happy Halloween, indeed.
(H/t to TB Daily News for the photos.)

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