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It's Obvious at This Point That Cliff Kellerman Likes the Abuse

All I can say is, thank God for Stephen A. Smith and Marcus Spears. Not just for being the voice of reason, truth and rational judgement when it comes to talking to Max Kellerman about Tom Brady. But simply using restraint against a man who clearly loves taking the punishment. More than is healthy for him.

I don’t begrudge a man his fetishes. If a consenting adult wants to endure pain as his own form of pleasure, I might not agree with it, but I don’t judge. I just find it a little disturbing that Cliff Kellerman can endure this much suffering without using his safety word. Which I think might be ” youngmanrumble,”


… but don’t quote me on that.

Look, if Cliff wants to keep wearing the Gimp suit of Tom Brady’s age and keep climbing into the box of how “he’s going to be a bum in short order,” that’s between him, his therapist, and his willing partners. All I ask is that he:

1) Be careful. This is a lot of abuse for one person to take. And

2) Stay true to his argument.

You can’t spend three years wearing the ball gag of “Brady’s going off a cliff,” and then when it continues to not happen, just suddenly switch to the nipple clamps of “Brady’s a game manager.” No matter how much erotic joy you get out of the humiliation.

Game managers manage. They don’t play without a tight end and with an ineffective running game and score 30 Points Per Game. They don’t lead an offense with a roster turnover that gives him an injured Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon and Phillip Dorsett and post passer ratings of 124.9, 124.7 and 103.9. And for sure they don’t keep producing metaphorical leather straps that co-hosts can keep metaphorically whipping some masochist with.

I guess all I’m asking for is for Kellerman to be careful. For Stephen A. and Spears keep taking care of him. And once again for Patriots fans to remember that he doesn’t like hearing from you so do NOT encourage his behaviors by reaching out to him @MaxKellerman. It’s really not healthy