Eagle Scout Named Harry Goldberg Earned A Merit Badge That Doesn’t Even Exist, Becomes New Merit Badge Record Holder

ABC – A Houston teen has accomplished something that few have done: earning every single merit badge offered by the Boy Scouts of America.

Harry Goldberg worked for six years to earn 138 merit badges. The Boy Scouts of America only offers 137 badges, but the teen earned a computer merit badge before it was discontinued. He says some badges only took hours to complete, while others took months.

1. Harry Goldberg is a savage name. Welcome to the hall of fame bud. On name and name alone you would get a blog here. Harry Goldberg. Mean more business, you can’t.

2. Chaps wrote about this a few years ago but it was only for 137 merit badges.  He had some strong words about the achievement:

I broke up with my college girlfriend because she showed me her tits when I was still a virgin and even I got more pussy than this Eagle Scout as a young man. Dude, get a fuckin life, bro.

3. Some would say “Too Strong” but then that would likely mean you haven’t seen this video:


I understand this kid is gonna end up building rocket ships or saving lives (or both) but still. In a fight between the Merit Badge enthusiasts, I’m taking Harry Goldberg every single time. I mean look at his body of work:

That’s a Wednesday morning for Harry Goldberg. Seriously eat your fucking heart out guys. I love this kid so much. Doing the computer merit badge when it was discontinued. Probably going to whatever college he wants and responsible as all hell. Granted he probably isn’t sending me a reader email for the bookie chronicles degeneracy series any time soon, some times you just have to tip your cap to the extraordinary which reminds me.

All this talk about Eagles… I just can’t help myself.