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Much To The Dismay Of Don Cherry, The Jerks Are Back At It Again

Montreal Canadiens v Carolina Hurricanes

Welp. It looks like we’re doing this again.

You like to think that people would eventually learn their lesson. You would think that people would understand at this point that Don Cherry has a direct line to the Hockey Gods. He might even be one of them himself. Ya never know. Regardless, you just don’t go out of your way to piss off Don Cherry because once you are in Grapes’ crosshairs? It’s over for you. Don Cherry cursed the Carolina Hurricanes and that’s why they followed up a sweep in the Eastern Conference Semifinal last year by getting swept so goddamn hard by Boston that most people had forgotten that the Hurricanes even advanced to the ECF in the first place. I know that the Hurricanes and their fans thought they could rally around the “Buncha Jerks” slogan but at the end of the day, it was no match for the Grapes voodoo magic. So you’d think that maybe they learned their lesson and they would just leave the Storm Surge in the past…


October 3rd and they’re already back at it. Just spitting directly in the face of Don Cherry, a man who has done more for the game in one Coach’s Corner than the Carolina Hurricanes have ever done in their entire existence. It makes me sick.

If I’m Rod Brind’Amour, I think long and hard about this. I mean this is the NHL we’re talking about here. The league with the most parity in the world. There are really only like one or two absolute shit teams in this league that won’t come even close to competing. So in a league with that much parity where everybody can beat anybody on any given night, do you really need Don Cherry calling in another favor to the Hockey Gods going against you? Probably not. But I guess a tiger can’t change his stripes, and neither can a buncha jerks.