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Joe Buck Apparently Wants To Wage A War Against Philly Fans, Which Would Be Highly Ill-Advised To Say The Least

You’ll never believe this but Joe Buck was able to squeeze an Aaron Rodgers mention into last night’s broadcast. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering we all know Joe Buck’s dream is for his microphone to be Aaron Rodgers’ ass so he can give it a few little smooches throughout the broadcast. But after bringing up his man crush in a game which he wasn’t even playing in, JB then goes on to tell Eagles fans to “get over it”.

Again. This was a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the LA Rams. A Thursday Night Game between two of the best teams in the NFC. And Joe Buck couldn’t resist throwing a little shot in there at Eagles fans. Live look at JB in the broadcast booth.


Joey, Joey, Joey. Buddy. C’mon, man. You know that telling Eagles fans to “get over it” is like telling Andy Reid to stop ordering 3 steaks at dinner and exclusively wearing Hawaiian shirts when he’s not coaching. It’s just not gonna happen. Not once, not ever. Philly fans have been holding grudges about shit that happened before we were even born. There is no such thing as “getting over it” as a Philly fan. You lock away all the anger, sadness and frustration you build up as a Philly sports fan and you use that to fuel you for the rest of your life. So basically all Joe Buck did here was throw a grenade at Philly fans but he forgot to pull the pin. So now we have the grenade and we’re just figuring out exactly what to do with it.

And now we know. Now we know that any time Joe Buck brings up Aaron Rodgers (which is a lot), he will immediately begin to think about Eagles fans. Philly fans are just there marinating on Joe Buck’s mind constantly. I know the phrase “living rent-free in your head” is a little overused at this point but it’s true. Thursday Night Football. Seahawks vs Rams. And Joe Buck is out here telling Eagles fans to get over it.

No one likes us, we don’t care. I mean we’ll happily go to war about it, but we still don’t care.