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Jimmy Butler Has 1 Request And 1 Request Only: Let Him Wash His Damn Ass

You know for a guy that shows up to practice at 3:30am (roughly 7 hours early), you’d think he’d be on time for interviews or whatever this is with fans. But, then again, the man just needs to wash his damn ass. Clearly the fan is having none of it based on his ‘noooo’ which is absolutely hilarious the more I listen to it. But it’s only leading me to one thought process. How long does Jimmy, or really anyone, need to wash their ass in the shower? The process is clearly left arm, right arm, chest, junk and thighs. After that you wash off, do a half ass job on your back and then shampoo and call it a day. No excuse for a man that Coley called the worst coworker

The man is just off to a hell of a start in Miami. The 3:30 quote, this, or playing some dominoes in the park

Just let Jimmy wash his damn ass.