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Dude Unleashes A HELLACIOUS Headbutt On Public Transit That You Have To Hear To Believe


You know you're a member of the internet generation when you're sitting there thinking, "Boy oh boy when is the action gonna start? I've been watching this video for a full 32 seconds and nothing has happened yet. I don't have all day. SPEED IT UP!" Luckily the wait was totally worth it. That dude unleashed one of the most hellacious and devastating headbutts in the history of headbutts. Something about the guy landing it perfectly and the public transit aspect of it made it feel like a Jason Bourne movie.

And Kevin's correct, the THUD the headbutt makes is jarring. The sound it made almost made me throw up my lunch on my keyboard. Absolutely disgusting and badass all at the same time. That's not the first time that guy has resorted to throwing a headbutt and it won't be the last.