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Brian Burns And Gerald McCoy Needed To Be Separated After Getting Into A Heated Argument At Practice

…Or so I assume. Listen superhero arguments always get a little testy and when you’ve got jacked up, testosterone fueled NFL defensive linemen arguing about such a passionate topic things can get dicey quickly. Hopefully cooler heads prevailed but I’ve never seen such a clear example of veteran wisdom and young, naive optimism going head to head in the form of an argument. The older, richer, assumedly wiser McCoy siding with Batman while the younger, full of optimism Burns is siding with teenage Spider-man.

And while I love knocking hardcore Batman fans down a peg, I don’t see it for Spider-man here. He’s a teen. Teens are inherently idiots across the board. He has the strength and abilities to win this fight but he’d fuck it up somehow some way. That’s why he’s been relegated to simple neighborhood duties while the big dogs handle the intergalactic catastrophes. I’m not even going to use the terrible “give Batman six years and he’ll figure out how to electrify Spider-man’s webs putting him into a state of paralysis” argument your run of the mill Bruce Wayne fan would give you. I just think in an ON SIGHT scenario, neither knowing their opponent ahead of time, Batman’s age and fighting abilities would win out against Spider-man’s inexperience. If anything the more time these two knew about the scrap I’d argue would be an advantage for Spider-man just simply picking up more life lessons from Tony Stark and his other pals.