Jimmy Butler Is Now Causing More Heat Players To Show Up At 3:30am Minus James Johnson Who Isn't Allowed To Play Because He's Too Fat

Everybody knows there are two things that Jimmy Butler loves more than anything. One is working hard like a complete psycho to become one of the best two way players in the NBA. The other is making sure the entire world knows how hard he’s working. Coley touched on how he’s basically the worst coworker of all time and I couldn’t agree more. Here we have our first example of that. Meyers Leonard can say he loves the fact that he showed up at 3:33am this morning to practice because he didn’t like getting out worked by Jimmy Butler, but there’s no way that’s true. Nobody likes waking up early for work I don’t care what your job is. You could be an NBA player, a blogger, in the cubes, it doesn’t matter. If this is the new standard for the Heat I would be mad as hell. Now you can’t even sleep? Mind you there are countless scientific studies out there that talk about how important sleep is to professional athletes but because Jimmy Butler wants to be a hardo and let the world know about it now the rest of the roster has to follow suit. How mad do you think Dion Waiters is right now? He strikes me as someone who isn’t foaming at the mouth to hit the gym hours before the sun rises.

So while Heat fans are probably jerking themselves to this display of #HeatCulture, it doesn’t appear that everyone on the roster is on the same page when it comes to being in shape.

Listen the Heat conditioning program is apparently no joke and that’s not new. Players talk all the time about how it’s the most rigorous program in the entire league. I can only imagine how difficult it is if the best athletes in the world all say it’s brutal. But here’s my question. As the new leader of this team, Jimmy Butler was quick to talk about and show us how hard he works as he establishes himself as the new guy in MIA. Well isn’t it the responsibility of the captain to make sure everyone is ready to go? Why not invite any of his teammates, mainly James Johnson who clearly needs the work to these early workouts instead of going on your own and immediately making your new teammates look bad. Classic Jimmy Butler move.

But hey, if this were my favorite team and I was seeing tweets/quotes about guys showing up ass crack early to get better I would love it too so I don’t fault Heat fans. Now whether or not this will actually matter and make the Heat competitive is yet to be seen. Imagine doing all this and losing all this sleep only to end up like a 7 seed? That would suck.