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Two Enormous Steps Forward

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Last night was a huge moment for the Jets and Jets fans. Coming off a disgusting loss in Tennessee, last year’s Jets would have gotten rolled in a game on the road against Matt Ryan. Within the game itself, when the going got tough, Sanchez and company would have normally folded like a house of cards. But last night showed why the Jets are actually headed in the right direction. A total team effort led by Geno Smith to show the rest of the league they need to be taken seriously. With two huge steps forward, the Jets established that they aren’t a team you look past to worry about the following week’s matchup. Nobody is penciling anything in against the Jets anymore. They’re a contender.

Primarily because everything is moving in the right direction. I mean, yes, Geno Smith is still a rookie. You can’t just forget about his turnovers and some of his bad play in the first 4 games simply because he was almost perfect last night. As a rookie, there are gonna be relapses to that style of play here and there. But again the point is progress. All week Geno talked about owning up to his mistakes. Acknowledge his turnovers and said he understood that he needed to make changes. Then last night as cool as a cucumber, he demonstrated just that. Zero interceptions, only 4 incompletions, 3 touchdowns, and his third 4th quarter comeback victory. 3 different receivers catching TDs. Beast Mo led the defense with a sack, 7 tackles, and a few for a loss. Boss Hogg chipped in with a sack of his own. On the whole only 24 yards in penalties. Nick Folk another perfect night including a 43 yard game winner. You looked all around the field last night and everyone was making plays. Last week’s sloppy shitshow looked like a completely different team. 3-2 through 5 weeks has already blown everyone’s expectations out of the water, but the way they demonstrated the ability to make strides last night, it gives you faith this team will only continue to get better.

So with 2013 actually shaping up to be a promising its time to roll out some gear for the Jets fans. Future perennial Pro Bowler and leader of the Jets savage D Line, Mo Wilk. Beast Mo 96 – rate it.

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(Believe it or not, for every asshole that just says “All these shirts fucking suck” even though we’ve been selling T’s for like 10 years now, there’s always a couple people who actually give solid feedback and come up with good ideas to tweak the design. So tell me what you think.)

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PS – Geno Smith looks exactly like Estes

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