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Do These Look Like the Faces of A Fitchburg Couple Who Have Worn Matching Clothes For 35 Years?


(ABC NEWS) — No need to adjust your glasses. Donald and Nancy Featherstone, of Fitchburg, Mass., are indeed wearing matching outfits in every one of these photos, and have been for the past 35 years. It all started when they began dating and Nancy convinced Donald to loosen up.“When I met Donald, he had been raised very formally,” Nancy, 60, told “He always wore a suit and tie.” One brutally hot weekend, Nancy suggested he take his tie off and she’d make him a short-sleeved shirt to wear instead. Over the years, Nancy started making more clothes for Donald, and with the leftover fabric, she’d make matching outfits for herself as well. Now, everything down to their pajamas matches, and it’s been that way since Easter of 1978.Donald Featherstone, 77, is also well-known for creating the original pink lawn flamingo in 1957).

For starters I don’t believe that Donald Featherstone invented the pink lawn flamingo for a second. That’s like saying you invented the Cobb Salad. I’m not buying it. Anyway back to this story. Do these two match everyday or just when they take a picture? And are we talking matching or identical? It must be matching because they’re not even wearing the same shit in that bottom photo. Like if you’re going to be featured on ABC you should be able to muster up at least 5 pictures of you identically matching right?  Because anybody can just match.  I mean hell the First Lady and I match all the time. That’s what you do when your life sucks and going out to dinner is the highlight of your week. You match shit.

PS – What year did Donald Featherstone mentally give up on life?  1982?