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Lonzo Ball Allegedly Hated UCLA Dorms And Meal Plan So Bad, The Ball's Were Given A $130,000 Loan To Move Him Into An Apartment - This Is Now Part Of A Lawsuit Against Them

[Source] – In the lawsuit Foster filed late Wednesday night, according to The Blast, Foster claims that he “loaned to LaVar, [his wife] Tina and Lonzo hundreds of thousands of dollars from his personal savings for various things, including over $130,000 on Lonzo’s living expenses.”

“During Lonzo’s first semester at UCLA, he complained to LaVar and Alan that his dorm room had poor air conditioning and he hated UCLA’s meal plan,” the suit alleges. “Lonzo and LaVar asked Alan if he would rent an apartment or condominium for Lonzo, pay for Lonzo’s personal trainer … including furnishings and laptops. Plus, pay for Lonzo’s food bills.”

So the Ball’s are in this countersuit after suing their former partner. Naturally the guy Alan Foster is claiming that LaVar exploited his kids and embezzled a couple million bucks. No biggie. I actually disagree with the exploiting lawsuit. If the kids felt exploited they would be in on the lawsuit.

The real story here though is this tidbit about Lonzo’s first semester at UCLA. No kidding he hated the dorms and meal plan. Even with all the improvements in dorms, they suck. But, what I want to know is does UCLA really not have some special dorms for the hoops team? I mean that feels wrong. Almost every major college has a special dorm for their best teams, especially the basketball team with how small it is. You just throw a couple students in there to fill the quota and bingo bango you’re living the good life. But how bad can dorms be when this is going on at UCLA:

The meal plan? Yeah, I get that. No one wants to eat leftover pizza that’s sitting under a warmer for a few hours. Or the pasta that’s made in a bunch and is sometimes crunchy. The key is finding the right person to talk to that works there that can hook you up with something fresh and good. That or find the smaller cafeteria, it’s worth the walk if it’s on the other side of campus.

I will say, the old man in me, wants to yell about this. Things are so much better now in terms of food and dorms on college campuses. Going back to Kentucky and everything looks like a hotel and bigger rooms with every possible thing to eat. Gone are the days of K-Lair and the towers. Shout out Ovid’s spicy beef though.

Also, when did this happen

Foster’s suit also claims that he brokered an $80,000 sale of Lonzo’s college uniforms and shoes, the proceeds of which went to the down payment on a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon for Ball

Feel like that could be a violation if that happened while at UCLA? Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with it. This goes back to the whole NIL thing and making money off of your own name, image and likeness. If people want to pay $80,000 for Lonzo’s shit then so be it.

At least life is easier