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Early Footage Suggests Lonzo Ball And Zion Williamson Are Going To Be Wildly Entertaining Together

I could not be happier for Pelicans fans right now. That dickhead Anthony Davis pretty much held them hostage for basically two years, quit on them and ruined their season putting everyone through hell only to eventually end up in a big market. That’s why I didn’t even care that the NBA clearly rigged the Lottery for NO and brought them their new franchise savior in Zion. The potential for this group is through the roof and at the very least even if it doesn’t show up in wins right away they are going to be wildly entertaining to watch. This video is a great example. When you have a passer like Lonzo and a leaper like Zion, you can create an off the backboard alley oop inbounds play. I think we all expect these two to make beautiful transition music together, but this is really our first look at them both and it looks like their timing and chemistry is already off to a great start.


As you can expect, Pelicans fans are pretty excited

and honestly this now has my brain wondering just how crazy these two are going to get once the real games start. If I had to pick a point guard to be paired with Zion it’s someone with Lonzo’s vision, touch, and desire to be a little flashy while passing the ball. You basically just have to throw it anywhere close to the rim and Zion is going to go up and get it which has me itching for the season to start and praying for 100% health for the whole year.

Oh and on top of that, remember my blog from yesterday about Lonzo’s improved jumper? Well we have another video with a better angle, and I’m telling you this thing looks so much better. It may not be perfect, but it’s certainly on the right path.

This team is going to be so much fun to watch, and we haven’t even touched on if Brandon Ingram balls out in what is a contract year for him. So many fanbases are forced to go through years of shit once a franchise player demands his way out, and by the looks of things that is not going to be the case in NO.