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Coach Cal Mocks All The Idiot Haters And Losers Who Say He Hasn't Done Enough At Kentucky

That’s my goddamn coach! That’s why there’s not a better coach in the entire world to be the head coach at Kentucky. Oh, you think he hasn’t done enough in 10 years at Kentucky? Be prepared to be mocked by Coach Cal and me. Just two best friends hanging out, drinking some coffee and making fun of the idiots out there.

Listen to him just list all those accomplishments. Most wins. Most Final Fours. Most tournament wins. Winning the SEC pretty much got too boring for him. I include this graph all the time because I let an unbiased person speak for me.


And I know what those idiots will say. ‘Oh he just has 1 title.’ Yeah, it’s called a fluky NCAA Tournament. How many times has the best team won? Hint: not that many. I mean Tom Izzo has 1 title in how many years? Jim Boeheim has been at Syracuse since the 1800’s and needed Melo to win a title. Point is it’s really fucking hard to win a title and John Calipari is the only coach in the country to have a program competing for a title 90% of the time. Only year he wasn’t a contender was a Nerlens Noel injury year.

In no way possible is Coach Cal shortchanging Kentucky fans. 9 of his 10 years they’ve been a national title contender. 40% of the time made the Final Four. 80% of the time played on the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament. No other program can say those stats. Absolutely none. So, in what way is this shortchanging? I mean Duke and UK both made the Final Four last in 2015 – is K shortchanging Duke fans for what he’s doing? Must be if Cal is. Remember, Duke has had better recruiting classes than Kentucky during that time too.

You know who shortchanged Kentucky fans? Billy Gillispie. Not John Calipari. If you disagree with that I don’t want you watching my team. You don’t deserve to watch the gold standard.

Love Coach Cal talking his shit already. Love it so much.