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'Anthony Davis Is Not Fully Committed To The Lakers Because Of Playing Alongside LeBron' - Words You Just HATE To Hear

Oh, no. Just words you absolutely hate to hear. Something you just don’t want to know anything about. You have to hate to hear that Anthony Davis is not committed to the Lakers because playing alongside LeBron is such a pain in the ass for someone like him.

Sure, you can cite the source being questionable. Whatever. The fact is this is still something being talked about by multiple people. There is a ton of truth to it too. We saw Kyrie want to leave so he could lead his own team. We saw a bit of confusion early on in Miami with Bosh/Wade getting used to playing with LeBron.

Now he’s about to play with arguably the most talented player yet in Anthony Davis. What happens if the Lakers don’t live up to the hype, lose to the Clippers and say flame out in the 2nd round? Who is going to get the blame? Most likely Anthony Davis because that’s the way it tends to go.


Sure would be a shame to see Anthony Davis leave the Lakers in free agency after making them break up a young core. Sure would be an absolute shame to see photoshop season make a comeback.


Just HHAAAAAAAAATTTTEEEE to hear these rumors coming up before the season even starts. Would sure stink to see Anthony Davis in the group here