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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Performed A Striptease To Lure Her Hondo Ex-Boyfriend Into The Bedroom Where Her New Lover Was Waiting To Decapitate Him?

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.34.48 PM

Daily MailA 19-year-old Chicago woman has been charged with first degree murder for helping lure her ex-boyfriend into the clutches of her new lover, who then stabbed and decapitated the man. Police don’t believe Daisy Gutierrez helped slay Jose Reyes, but they do think she knowingly lured the 30-year-old Honduran to his bloody demise with a strip tease on May 21. They also believe she helped her killer lover bury the victim’s body parts along with her own father in the family’s Scottsdale area back yard. It was a grisly end to a brutal crime. Prosecutors say Gutierrez’s unnamed new boyfriend smashed in the bedroom door as Gutierrez began to take off her clothes. He then allegedly stabbed Reyes and hit him with a pipe before decapitating the man, whose official cause of death was ‘multiple sharp force injuries’ and ‘assault.’

You know the phrase “to good to be true?’ You probably do. Its a phrase that’s pretty easy to grasp. Unless of course you’re staring in the face of an ex-girlfriend who’s getting naked and seems to be promising you sex. Then your dick immediately takes over and you start thinking “this is to good, but maybe it is true!” Thats what happened to this Hondo Jose Reyes. If you took away his boner, Jose Reyes would have probably never gone into that bedroom. Because if you’re thinking logically about this, if this woman ended up getting someone to chop your head off, you probably weren’t on the best of terms at that moment, right? So as you’re walking into that bedroom with her stripping, your probably should have been thinking “Wait a minute, Daisy fucking hates my guts so much, there’s a better chance that someone is gonna decapitate me rather than her sucking my dick. Maybe I shouldn’t do this.” But our judgment gets clouded when pussy is involved. Especially ex-pussy. Sex with an ex is fucking fantastic. You already know exactly what to do. You have no problem pushing the envelope because you probably don’t really care anymore. In our mind its probably worth the risk. I mean if you told me there was a door, and behind that door was a 50/50 shot between limitless, boundary-less sex, or someone who would chop my head off, well I’d have to give it some serious thought. So on the one hand I feel like Jose Reyes has nobody to blame but himself, but on the other hand I get where he was coming from.

Sometimes you get lucky and your ex actually does want to have some no strings attached sex. Other times you get decapitated by her new boyfriend. Win some. Lose some.