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Charlie Conway Taking That Penalty Shot Without A Helmet On Was Such An All-Time Beauty Move

This is something we don’t talk about nearly enough. And I know what a lot of you are thinking right now. “Oh how original. Here comes Jordie with yet another Mighty Ducks blog”. But I have a couple of things to say to that. 1) Shut up and 2) today is the 27th anniversary of The Mighty Ducks release date. October 2nd needs to be a national holiday every year and it’s just so fitting that the new NHL season gets underway tonight.

But anyway, we really don’t talk about this enough. Charlie Conway gets hooked down in the final seconds of regulation. It’s 4-4 in the 3rd period with no time left on the clock, and Charlie is awarded a penalty shot. It’s still technically considered regulation time, and Conway goes out there sans bucket like an absolute beautician. He even makes that pigeon Karp hold his helmet for him.


Now I guess I shouldn’t be all too surprised that a league which was letting kids play out there wearing football and bicycle helmets wouldn’t have any qualms with Charlie going out there without a helmet on. But it’s still a ridiculous move. I know the early 90s were a different time but these kids were only peewees. For Charlie Conway to have the balls to go out there without a bucket on just proves to me that this puck was ending up in the back of the net before it even touched his stick.

No helmet, wind blowing through his hair, getting all the face time he could ever ask for with all the ladies in the barn, and then he roofs it for the win. Still trying too figure out the physics of that shot and how he was able to go top right as a right-handed shot pretty much on the crease at the right post, but that’s neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is that the game was on the line, Charlie Conway had the opportunity to put it away, and he didn’t want to have to hide under his helmet. The amount of confidence and swagger that goes into that decision is unparalleled. Kind of makes sense now why Gunnar ended up getting stuffed by The Cat.



Happy 27th, TMD. A movie that withstands the test of time and ages like a fine wine. Now somebody get me a wellness check on Goldberg.