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Crazy Woman Wednesday: The Hog-Castrating, Gun-Toting Politician Won Her Nomination Last Night

Huffington Post- Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst won the Republican nomination in her bid to succeed retiring Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), the Associated Press reports. Ernst emerged from a five candidate field that also included businessman Mark Jacobs and conservative radio host Sam Clovis. She will face Rep. Bruce Braley, who ran unopposed in the Democratic primary Tuesday, in November’s general election. Political observers see the matchup as as one that could tip control of the Senate.

Politics!  Score one for live stock neutering!  A little throwback here.  We’re no stranger to Joni Ernst in these parts.  She’s the politician that burst onto the scene and almost broke the crazy meter with her political ad talking about how she used to castrate hogs on an Iowa farm and wanted to do the same to politicians in Washington DC.  Well it worked.  She won her nomination last night in a landslide.  I say this every time, I don’t give a fuck about her politics because I really don’t. I just like that a good portion of her notoriety is due to her cutting off the male sex organs of livestock as a child and then using that for political purposes as a grown up.  Politics are fucking bizarre and this is just another case of that being true.

Her winning was also an excuse to show that political ad again because it’s just fantastic.  And also, since it worked, I hope it inspires politicians to keep making bat shit crazy ads in hopes that they go viral.  Everybody wins.


PS- This is off topic but you know the land hurricane that was supposed to roll through Iowa and kill a bunch of us last night?  Yeah, never happened.  All of that worrying and staring at ominous-looking radars for nothing  What a waste.  We got some heavy rain and some large hail.  Nothing more.  My DirecTV never even cut out during Fargo and I thought that was guaranteed to happen.  I expected to wake up this morning and be in the after life and/or find half the state gone.  Instead it’s just another day.  Land hurricanes are pussies.