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Is Kirk Cousins Destined For The CFL After Saying He's Sorrey To Adam Thielen?

NFL: SEP 29 Vikings at Bears

So as you may recall, the Minnesota Vikings went out and spent a fully guaranteed $84M on Kirk Cousins. That’s the type of purchase you make exclusively when you’re drunk and using Venmo, which everybody knows barely counts as real money until it shows up in your bank account. And what the Vikings got out of their drunk purchase was a quarterback who simply cannot hit his wide open receivers. So much so that the receivers are forced to passive-aggressively throw the guy under the bus for stinking at his job.

Was that a quote that necessarily needed to get out to the media? Not at all. But Adam Thielen soaked that quote in gasoline, lit a match and sent that bitch into a fiery blaze. He can say all he wants about that not being a direct shot at Kirk Cousins but considering it is Kirk’s job to, ya know, throw the football….well if he is actually trying to say it wasn’t a direct shot at Cousins then he is worse at lying than Kirk Cousins is at playing quarterback in the NFL.


Now the thing about quarterbacks is that they all seem to have at least some level of an ego to them. And they have to. It’s the only way that you can get to this level. Some egos are obviously a little more strong than others, but if you make it to the NFL as a quarterback then there has to be some sort of ego that has willed you to that point in your career. Unless you are Kirk Cousins because instead of being an egotistical maniac about one of his receivers calling him out to the media after a humiliating loss, Kirk ended up publicly apologizing to Thielen.

USA Today – Following a 16-6 loss at the hands of the Chicago Bears, wide receiver Adam Thielen called out the need for quarterback Kirk Cousins and the deep passing game to step up. 

Cousins apologized to Thielen and the rest of the receiving corps on his weekly radio show on KFAN for missing downfield throws that could have led to big plays. 

“I really want to apologize to (Thielen) because there’s too many opportunities where we could have hit him on Sunday,” Cousins said, according to ESPN. “And I talk to the media, I always say until I watch the film, it’s hard for me to really give you a straight answer. Well, now it’s Tuesday night. I’ve watched the film. And the reality is there were opportunities for him.”

I have to be honest here–I’m pretty torn on how I feel about this. On one hand, I’m all for a guy taking accountability and saying to his teammates that he needs to be better. If Kirk Cousins showed up to the locker room on Tuesday and addressed the team saying that they all need to be better and that it starts with himself? That’s a real solid move from a leader.

But to get on the radio and apologize publicly like that after one of your teammates really didn’t hold back at all in saying that the team lost because you can’t hit the deep ball? That’s a big time yikes. That’s how you know that Minnesota is officially just South Canada. I don’t need Kirk Cousins to be a total dick about the situation. I don’t need him to tell Thielen to shut the fuck up or anything like that. He can still say he needs to be better. But to just flat out apologize after getting thrown under the bus like that? Well Winnipeg is just north of Minnesota so maybe the Blue Bombers have found their newest quarterback. Good news for Kirk is that the exchange rate will do wonders for that $84 million.