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Dude Forgets To Book Wedding Venue, Calls In A Bomb Threat On His Wedding Day To Get Out Of It

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LiverpoolAn embarrassed Liverpool groom triggered a bomb scare at his wedding – so his bride-to-be would not find out he had bungled the booking. Panicked Neil McArdle telephoned St George’s Hall to pretend an explosive had been left in the building where he was due to marry. He even let his unwitting fiance turn up in her wedding dress, only to find the historic venue evacuated and swarming with police. The 36-year-old today faced a jail sentence after admitting making the bomb hoax call. McArdle, of Medbourne Crescent, Kirkby, had planned to marry his fiance Amy Williams at Liverpool Register Office, within the iconic listed building, on April 24 this year. The date was pencilled in and the pair were given “right to marry” paperwork to complete in order to legalise proceedings. But by time the big day arrived, the hapless lovebird realised he had not completed the forms and knew the venue was not officially booked. Panicking, he went to a phone booth near his home on the morning of the supposed wedding and rang St George’s Hall. He told the receptionist: “There’s a bomb in St George’s Hall and it will go off in 45 minutes”, before putting the phone down. The hall was immediately put on lockdown and dozens of people inside were evacuated as police and a bomb disposal unit were sent to the scene. The ECHO understands the bride and her wedding party arrived at the hall still believing the wedding would take place. When the hall was re-opened around an hour later, with the groom present, it emerged there was no booking in the name of McArdle and Williams. A source said: “He realised that he hadn’t filled this form in. But he hadn’t got the heart to tell his missus and her family.

I respect the fucking shit out of this guy. On so many levels. First and foremost the refusal to admit you screwed up and its your fault. This dude is absolutely committed to not being wrong. Guy probably knew for days he was fucked and didn’t book the venue right but just waited and waited and waited. Knowing full well that soon enough the day would come and he would be fucked. But instead of letting fate take its course and going down with the ship, he took control of the situation. And not only did he take the reins, he used the old “call in a bomb threat” routine. Some people joke about doing it at work. Kids joke about doing that in school to get out of a test. Hollywood uses it as a joke in fictional movies. Neil McArdle used in in real life.  Thats an automatic +100 in my book. Not only do you refuse to be wrong with your wife, you actually used the bomb threat tactic to get out of a messy situation.

Make no mistake about it, wedding planning is the single worst thing that a dude can go through. Any Stoolie who is married already knows this, but for any of the younger Stoolies thinking about taking the plunge, just make sure you know – it will completely fucking suck. You might say to yourself “Yea I know I’m expecting that” but you’re not. I was the same way. I knew it was gonna be bad but part of me thought you pop the question, give the ring, and then you’re on Easy Street for a little while. Like you built up so much brownie points with the ring and the proposal that you were golden for the next few months. Wrong. So so fucking wrong. And my chick isn’t even the bridezilla type. Neither of us are all that interested in this whole process and its still as awful as it gets. Its like when you’re trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner and your girl is undecided on what food she wants and the reservation times aren’t ideal and you gotta worry about friends or other couples coming and really you don’t give a fuck about any of it and you just wanna eat…except its that time 5 billion. Planning and hosting and worrying about other people and shit is the absolute worst and this is the pinnacle of that crap. So shout out to Neil McArdle. The one man who didn’t let wedding planning get the best of him. Just said fuck it and called in a bomb threat.