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'We're Going To Win A National Championship. That's What I Know' - Penny Hardaway, On Memphis; 'No You Aren't, Not Close. That's What I Know.' - Reags, On Memphis

[Source] –  “What do I know?” he says. “I know when I have something special. When I see this group in action, see their abilities, I know what’s at stake and I know what’s out there. The teams like Michigan State, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, all the usual suspects. I’ve studied the film. I know who they are, but when I look at this group, I just say to myself, ‘We’re going to win a national championship.’ That’s what I know.

Looks like we’re about to have a little ‘know off’ between myself and Penny. Sure, he may have me on height, looks, style, basketball ability, fame, money and success but I 100% have him in this argument and that’s all that matters. Memphis will not win a national championship this year. I know that. Now, I will admit what is Penny supposed to say here? Every coach should say they know they are going to win the national title, especially someone like Penny.

Don’t get me wrong. Memphis has talent. Penny is building this program back to something after Josh Pastner and Tubby sort of made it a nothing program on a national scale. He’s got the potential No. 1 pick in James Wiseman. He’s got dudes like Boogie Ellis, DJ Jeffries and Precious Achiwua coming in.

But, here’s the thing. Penny has only coached one year at Memphis. He got to 22 wins but nothing crazy in terms of who they beat. Their best win was a home win over UCF. They had 7 top-100 wins, most on the backend of that number and 6 of them coming at home. Combine that with a ridiculously young class coming in and I don’t see it.


Penny has talked a ton of shit since he took over Memphis. I do love that about him. He went after Rick Barnes and Tennessee. He’s gone after the media. He flat out said ‘we want all the smoke.’

Well, you just got it Penny. From me here at Barstool Sports. I’m calling you out. You’re wrong. You won’t win a title. You’re not Kentucky. You’re trying to be Kentucky, but you’re not. All you’ve done is get Coach Cal fired up again and start getting back to getting the best recruits after a couple years of not getting a top-5 guy.

Alright, Penny. I like you. I like that you’re making Memphis relevant and giving me something to watch when the AAC is on Thursday’s with other shitty games. I like that you’re playing the villain. I mostly like that you’re pissing off Tennessee fans.

But, now? Now, you’re trying to make an enemy out of me. You don’t sit here and say you’re better than Kentucky until you prove it.

That’s what I know.