Hockey May Not Be For Everyone, But Gambling Is And There's Nothing More Exhilirating Than Puck Lines


In case you hadn't heard, the NHL is back tonight

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I promise that this isn't a "please like my sport" blog. I know hockey isn't for everyone. There's never been a better time to be a hockey fan. National TV deal, NHL Network, High Def TV is universal now, reddit streams,, there's more skill than any time I can remember in my entire life, every single team has one guy worth watching, every team should be competitive on a night to night basis, and the danger and violence hasn't been completely legislated out of the game. I love hockey, and if you read my blogs and follow me on social that probably means that you love it too. Honestly, that is enough for me. Like I said, it's not a please like my sport blog.

If you don't like hockey, that is fine. That's your choice. What I do know about you though is that you're a human being and if you're a human being you can't ignore a great adrenaline rush. I know you love when your brain gets flooded with dopamine. I know you love the chase. And there is NO better rush in gambling than when you bet the Puck Line and the opposing team has pulled their goalie. NOTHING better.

I want you to login into your book. You'll see those four games tonight. You zero in on Vegas at home vs the Sharks. You like Vegas. Vegas is a wagon. Vegas is great at home. Vegas is out for revenge after last year. You LOVE them. You see…Vegas is -170. Heavy juice to take the Golden Knights

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If you love them so much…don't you love them to add an empty netter at the end. What is one more goal. It's nothing. It's easy. It's free. And that free goal flips it all the way to Vegas +160. You'll be on the edge of your seat for the last 90 seconds praying for dzone face-offs just so Mark Stone can flip a wrister 140 feet down the ice at an empty cage and if he hits it and you're rich…whoa baby. No better feeling in the world. It is exhilirating. No other sport and no other form of sports gambling can duplicate the feeling of you needing an empty net goal to cover the spread. The rush is so good that even if the puck hits the post and the Knights win 3-2 tonight and you lose the bet it'll still be worth it. The chase is incredible. Even better when you chase puckline parlays. That is my preferred method of losing all my money.


Toronto -1.5 (-110)

VAN/EDM OVER 5.5 (-120)

Vegas -1.5 (+160)

That pays out 8 to 1. That feels like such a lock I feel guilty about playing it. My bookie is a nice guy. He is very accomodating and now he's going to have to take his hard earned money and send it right to me just because Vegas and Toronto are going to cash in on empty nets late. No better rush than that puck just sliding in after going the length of the ice. Welcome back everyone. Join on in tonight. I'll be on IG Live tonight if that last leg is still alive