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Bull Bundles Lady




DeLAND, Fla.A woman who was attacked by a bull Saturday at a Volusia County rodeo event told Local 6 she thought she was going to die. Desiree Cicero had just jumped into the bull ring for the “money grab” game, a tradition at the annual Cracker Day festival at the arena next to the Volusia County Fairgrounds in DeLand where contestants try to grab a ribbon from the bulls horn for $100. No consent form was required to be signed to participate. There were hundreds of people in the stands, watching the 64th Annual Cracker Day Rodeo event. Among them was Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson who made the 911 call for help. Cicero said the video is hard to watch.


They should stick the guy who lost $2600 bucks in bucket toss in the ring with this bull.  If he can last 5 minutes without dropping his rasta banana he gets refunded his life savings.  I’d pay to watch that.


PS – Know when you’re bullshitting with friends about hypotheticals and how much you’d have to get paid? Where do you think you’d stop if someone asked “get in a ring with an angry bull and touch his horn”? $50,000? Cash on the table maybe $20k? Well that many people heard said question and answered, “The potential for a Benjamin.” Florida.