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Lil Wayne Reaches Out To Damian Lillard For Help On Songs And They Have Six Unreleased Ones ... RELEASE THE TAPES!

[Source] You’ve garnered support from rappers like Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz throughout your rap career. Do those types of co-signs still matter a lot to you?

For sure, especially because now when you talk about an athlete doing music, the artists are not offended. Wayne has been on every one of my albums. I got, like, six songs with Wayne that people haven’t heard. When he’s sending me songs in private, that ain’t just no favor. It’s more like, “You’d sound good on this record.”

Damian Lillard has obviously been in the news for his rap the last couple of days. He and Shaq got in that diss track and you can argue about who won in terms of attack, but there’s no doubt Dame had way better bars and flow. Not surprising considering he’s a legit rapper.

Now, I admit I’ve always been a Lil Wayne fan. I assume most people that read this and around the same age are. He was a staple during high school and college starting with Tha Carter in 2004. Go DJ was played way too much probably during that 2004-05 run.

So hearing there are more songs out there involving a dude I like to watch ball in Dame and one of my favorite rappers, I’m out here screaming release the tapes. The ones they put out are actually awesome too:

Give me a whole album with the two of them. Remember those old CD’s in the 90s that had songs featuring NFL players and artists? They were pretty terrible, but more my point is I want that with these two. Hell, make it the NBA even. Bagley isn’t a terrible rapper. There are plenty out there.