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"The Most Endearing Quality Any Of Us Can Have Is Humility"--John McDonough

John McDonough went on the Pat Boyle podcast and dropped that pearl of wisdom. I would say the most important quality in a person is honesty. If you’re honest that means you’re honest with yourself too and then you would be able to know, truthfully, if you’re in a position to talk about humility.

Speaking of honesty…I can admit that part of me wishes I could go back in time and maybe not write about how McDonough canceled a party because the Dairy Queen Blizzards were too cold or about how he doesn’t garner a lot of respect around the organization. I don’t know McDonough personally. I’ve had literally one conversation with him. He might be a good guy. I don’t know. So yeah, part of me does feel guilty about the fact that when you google search images of him the pinocchio nose picture that we made was the second result


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I am not proud of that. I wish I could change it, to be honest, but I can’t. It’s google. They control the algorithm, not me. They want people to see that Pinocchio nose face, not me.

I also wish I could stop being so triggered by McDonough. This is such an innocuous comment. Of course humility is a good thing. We would all agree on that. It’s just tough for me when he spent the first half of the interview talking about hockey ops decisions when he is not a hockey guy. He’s been in the game professionally for a decade now and that is great. I still don’t care what his opinion is on Calvin deHaan or Lehner or anyone else because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He can’t help himself though. He wants the credit or at least he wants to be seen as being an integral part of that process. He talks about hockey ops more than any business executive in the league. He talks about hockey more than Penguins owner Mario Lemieux and HE’S FUCKING MARIO LEMIEUX. I will never understand why McDonough seemingly needs so many column inches, press conferences, and radio spots. I am of the opinion that we should barely know who the President of the team is and yet you can not escape John McDonough during the hockey season. He is omni-present. The only thing I want to know about John McDonough is why John McDonough wants us to think he knows everything. Other than that I hope he’s out of the spotlight. Unless of course he wants to come on Redline Radio, the number one and fastest growing Chicago sports podcast on the internet. We’d love to have you, John.