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It's the Three-Year Anniversary of the Best Play in College Football History

Stanford-Cal band play? Auburn’s kick six? Vince Young on 4th and 5? All great. But the greatest play in college football history took place on October 1, 2016 in Athens, Ga.

The final play of this game is obviously what everyone remembers, so it’s easy to forget that Jacob Eason uncorked a bullet to Riley Ridley for the go-ahead score with just 10 seconds remaining to seemingly rip out the hearts of Tennessee fans everywhere.


I was watching the game with my friend Shane and I collapsed to the floor and I’m pretty sure I was on the verge of angry tears. Just so damn angry. But I vividly remember hearing — my head was buried in my hands on the floor so I couldn’t see — UGA had been called for a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration and in the deep recesses of my mind thinking, “Man, if Evan Berry can do something with this kickoff…”

He returned it just past midfield and another Georgia penalty put the ball at the Georgia 43-yard line for the historic throw from Dobbs to Jennings.

My favorite thing about this game is the Georgia radio call of the final play, but really of the final few minutes. The, “Who cares?!” in reference to the 15-yard penalty is hilarious in retrospect. And you can just hear the deflation in their voices when Jauan Jennings makes the catch. It’s glorious.

Maybe this Saturday the Vols can channel some of that magic against the Dawgs and pull off a historic upset under the lights in Neyland Stadium. Remember the good times, y’all. All we have in this life are memories.

To Hell With Georgia.