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What Was One of Rob Gronkowski's Biggest Purchases During His Career?

Earlier today on “The Corp,” we spotlighted some of the fun times that Rob Gronkowski had during his career. But throughout his playing time with the New England Patriots, he was also known for saving his money properly. From the millions made on the football field in addition to endorsements, there is certainly some added responsibility that comes with taking care of that cash.

While Gronk has certainly been smart with his money, he also realized he deserved to treat himself every so often, and that’s what he, Big Cat, and A-Rod discuss here:

A-Rod: You have a lot of capital put away. What is your long term view on investing?

Gronk: You know, I keep it really simple. I don’t go that crazy at all. I mean in the stock market and everything, I mean, I don’t even want to say, I never lost in the stock market, which is crazy.

Big Cat: You’re like Lenny Dykstra.

Gronk: I also never went crazy, either. I just do easy things, bonds and stuff, and municipal bonds and keep it easy. I mean, I’m not really spending like that. Keep it simple and keep it easy.

Big Cat: What’s the one thing that you have, maybe been like, you know what, I’m going to buy this. Like I gotta buy this.

Gronk: I started splurging more and everything, but there was one thing I bought and it was a chain. It was a diamond chain and it was six figures and I got it about a year and a half ago and I’ve probably worn it two times.

Big Cat: Yeah, what the hell?!

Gronk: I wore it to the ring ceremony this year because it just went good with the bling. I wore it, had it out and it was kind of weird because all the teammates were looking at me like, who did you get that off, what player? Yeah, and I’d be like this one’s mine and they’d be like ahhh no way!

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I always find it interesting that people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothing and accessories when they barely wear the gear. But in this case, I will give Gronk a break. Since he has been very smart with his money over the last decade or so, he definitely deserved to treat himself with this very expensive piece of jewelry. When you’ve won the Super Bowl multiple times and continue to carry yourself the right way off the field, buy whatever the heck you want.