Rob Gronkowski’s Party Life According to Rob Gronkowski

A few weeks ago, you may have seen a video going around of two legends casually throwing a football along one of the more crowded streets during rush hour: Rob Gronkowski and Alex Rodriguez slinging the rock across 7th avenue in New York City. Well right before that scene, that duo along with Big Cat taped an episode of “The Corp” which was released earlier today. During the interview, the three of them discussed business, football, and of course, partying.

When a person hears the name Gronk, they think Super Bowl titles with the Pats and a man who loves to have a good time. He is currently dating Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek, but the trio discussed what Gronk’s party life entailed before having a girlfriend:

Gronk: I mean, it was a little crazy. I was a little reckless.

A-Rod: Give us an example, what does that mean?

Gronk: I would just go to a party, just go HAM.

A-Rod: HAM?

Big Cat: Yeah, just party real hard.

Gronk: I didn’t care. Going to a Barstool Blackout concert. Dude, I used to be up there with my shirt off, letting any random girls just running up, you just try grinding on them, put the mascot head on. This is back in the day. I mean, it’s all online anyway, so I’m not hiding anything.

New England Patriots Super Bowl LI Victory Parade

Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Gronkowski. When you hear of athletes partying hard and it makes the headlines, it usually comes with something negative on the side. But when Gronk is winning Super Bowls and not getting into any trouble, you let the man have some fun. What a ball of energy, Super Bowl champion, and an awesome person to be around.