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Video Captures the Death Star Hovering Above NYC



Daily Star
Baffling footage of a circular object in the sky above New York City has been likened to the Death Star from Star Wars by stunned conspiracy theorists.

The video begins with the view of the famous skyline of the city in New York, US. A bright light then comes into shot above the buildings, as cameraman Mauricio Lopez voices his thoughts. …

When he zooms in, the object appears to have terrain on its surface – shown by the dark and light colours. …

The object appears to then change colour from white to red and at one point even seems to vanish from view before reappearing.

Sure, you might argue that if an object the size of a small moon appeared in the sky above a city of 8,600,000 people and the media epicenter of the world, somebody other than a guy who keeps his phone vertical would’ve seen and recorded it.

And frankly, I’d be a little disappointed if superior beings from another solar system copied an idea George Lucas came up with in the mid-70s. Particularly one with a design so flawed that a moisture farmer from the ass end of the galaxy could drop a proton torpedo down a two meter-wide thermal exhaust port and blow it into scrap metal. (Thank you for your service, Galen Erso.) Since I have every intention of selling out every last one of you to our alien overlords so I can get a supervisor position in their takeover of the planet, I’d at least like them to be original.

But that’s a discussion for another time. Right now is all about how they’re getting so bold, so brazen, that they’ll think nothing of hovering over a major city. Where all the news organizations are. Where Fox Sports is setting up for the Twins-Yankees series. Where the Giant were just hosting the Redskins. Because they know we’re not paying attention. And that if their ship is captured on camera by the worst videographer/narrator in the world like this guy Mauricio Lopez guy, that we’ll all just dismiss it as a hoax.

Well I for one do not believe it’s a hoax. And when NYC is reduced to ashes, just remember it was me and this New Yorker who told you first. Then the joke will be on you.

Somebody just remember to leave Barstool in my name. Thanks and goodbye to most of my coworkers.