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This 285-Pound High School Running Back Belongs In The Unit Hall of Fame

Nick Saban, come get your man. Just imagine the thunder and lightning 1-2 punch you could have with Najee Harris this absolute wrecking ball.

And this isn’t just a big boi coming in to grab a couple of yards at the goal line. The Large King was patient, let’s his O-line do their thing, explodes through the hole, finds some open grass, throws in a hurdle for good measure and racks up 30+ yards on the carry. He probably could have taken it to the house if he could grab a couple extra blocks from his teammates in open field. But I guess when you’re the fastest man on the field, it’s a little difficult for the rest of the squad to keep up with you. This is a legendary unit in the making. Has the potential to be one of the all-timers.


I’m just glad that all the high school offensive coordinators out there in the country are letting the big fellas EAT.