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My Day With The Virginia Tech Scooter Club


Virginia Tech – While many people may have fond memories of riding Razor scooters during their childhood, Virginia Tech’s Scooter Club takes pride in operating a different kind of scooter. Hunter Fairchild, Sam Eaddy and Wilson Young, sophomore Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers, came up with the idea for Scooter Club after their friend, alumnus Nick Sharp, bought a $300 1996 Yamaha Big Chief off Craigslist. “Big Chief is the spark that ignited the whole thing,” said Young, a communication major and event coordinator for the club. Following the group’s fascination with Big Chief, their passion for scooters quickly grew.Before coming back to school in the fall, Fairchild bought an old scooter from a neighbor and fixed it up to ride around Tech. Once he bought one, Eaddy and Young followed suit and purchased their own scooters. They all have their own personal styles when it comes to riding. For instance, Young enjoys wearing his tasseled jacket, having the tassels blowing in the breeze. Even though the club is still fairly new and up-and-coming, Eaddy said the club already has some female fans.Annie Mauck, sophomore communication and HNFE double major, said the girls’ main job is to join them on a scooter ride anytime they want to go on one. Mauck and Annie Hazelgrove — a junior apparel, housing and resource management major — have been dubbed the “Scooter Club Sweethearts.” While Mauck is not exactly sure how she received the title, she is enthusiastic about it. Fairchild’s favorite thing about having a scooter is taking a girl on a scooter ride around the town. So, whenever he wants to go on a ride, he knows that he can rely on Mauck or Hazelgrove to accompany him. “For all the scooter enthusiasts at Tech, don’t be afraid to get out there,” Eaddy said.


This article was on the front page of the Virgina Tech newspaper a couple weeks ago. I read it and couldn’t stop laughing to myself. So I did the only thing I thought I could do in this situation. I flew to Virginia Tech this past Friday to spend a day riding dirty with em. Here is the recap…