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Shaq Goes Hard After Damian Lillard In A HEATED Diss Track After Dame Says He's A Better Rapper

Good Lord, Shaq. I mean we’ve seen some diss tracks come out recently involving athletes or celebrities and it’s all seemingly a joke. But, this? Nah, Shaq is legit pissed that Dame went on the Joe Budden Podcast and said he was a better rapper than Shaq.


Now I do think it’s fucking hilarious that this is the background for this diss track by Shaq. Lillard doesn’t say anything too drastic during the interview. He pretty much says that no one took Shaq too serious as a rapper in the 90s because he was Shaq. Says that he’s a better rapper. Again, nothing crazy.

But Shaq’s diss track? Woo, there’s some heat in there. I mean shit he calls him a worse player than Trevor Ariza – an all-time ricochet shot at Ariza though. ‘Talking like you Bron but you ain’t even Trevor Ariza.’ is just such a goddamn ruthless line. But, I think what I really like from Shaq is bringing up that he can’t hold a candle to Russ or Steph Curry, especially because Russ and Lillard have a rivalry

I do want to get into a couple of the bars, because they are damn good by the Big Aristotle. The one that stuck out to me – another ricochet shot. ‘Got enough cash I can buy your whole team, oh shit I forgot I own the Sacramento Kings.’ That’s fucking beautiful from a guy who destroyed Vlade Divac and that Kings team. Hell, he even roasted them back then.


Some other gems

‘Always bragging about their max contracts, Dame Dollar little money when it come to Shaq.’ 

‘When you were young did you see my MVP like it was a trilogy.’

‘Fanboys should never disrespect their idols. Shaq name historical like Jesus in the bible.’

Now here’s the thing. We saw Lillard in a rap battle back during the Draft. He got into it with Marvin Bagley so there’s going to be a 100% chance he responds to Shaq. That’s just who Dame is. He’s not going to sit here and let Shaq drop lines like this without some sort of response.

Still the GOAT diss track:

PS: Shaq saying he ‘excepts’ all challenges in his IG post is laugh out loud funny. Just perfect Shaq.

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