UPDATE: Louisville Still Did Not Win The 2013 Title. That Did Not Happen. But The Players Did Play In The Games Thanks To A Lawsuit, So Figure That Out

[Source] -The settlement restores Hancock’s status as the Most Outstanding Player from that Final Four in Atlanta. Hancock scored 42 points in two games as the Cardinals defeated Wichita State and Michigan.

Besides Hancock, the other players involved in the lawsuit were Gorgui Dieng, Stephan Van Treese, Tim Henderson and Michael Marra. All of their playing records and statistics have also been reinstated.

This whole thing cracks me up. Remember the 2013 Final Four? Apparently you can’t because Louisville doesn’t have a banner anymore. It’s like the NCAA has access to the Men in Black devices that just wipe our memory. But now what happens when players have stats from those games that didn’t happen? Because that’s where we are now thanks to Louisville players suing the NCAA.

But this is just beautiful. Louisville fans have done nothing but bitch and moan ever since Kentucky hired John Calipari that a banner would be coming down. Ironically enough they were right. I guess that’s what happens when you lose to Cal year after year after year after year and then again in March. Sure hate to hear Louisville fans upset, sure do.

What’s with Louisville and their lawsuits though? It’s almost as bad as their performance against Kentucky. Can’t even get a banner back after they agree that your stats are returned to the record book. It’s like when Pitino settled for $0 after suing for $40 million.


I think Pitino needs to adjust this tattoo now. Just make it say Luke Hancock MOP. That would be factually correct.