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Video: Daniel Alfredsson is a Hockey Player, Picks His Own Teeth Up Off the Ice After Being High Sticked

How many minutes would a soccer player spend rolling around on the ground if this happened? How many games would LeBron miss if he lost a tooth? 100% mortal kombat lock he would get carried off on a stretcher. He honestly might sit out until the playoffs if a molar popped out and would definitely come back wearing a full face mask reminiscent of Nacho Libre. Don’t forget, Brandon Jennings missed 3 weeks with a tooth ache.

Which reminds me of my favorite tooth moment of the season brought to you by John Tavares. You can hear the tooth popping out even though you can’t you still can.



Second place goes to Krys Barch. As it turned out, he actually did toss it.



Third place goes to Pascal Dupuis.