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Some Cambridge Bro Dominates A Tragedy Opportunist From Infowars



Over the past week I’ve gotten a ton of emails about moron conspiracy theorists and terrorist apologists.  You know who these people are.  These are the dickheads who try to gain publicity by saying shit like the FBI bombed the marathon. That Jahar is innocent.   Or 9/11 didn’t happen.  They are the worst of the worst.  Trying to profit off tragedy.  Trying to make a name for themselves off the the blood of the victims.  I purposely haven’t mentioned any of them because I know it’s just a publicity stunt.  There is no way anybody can fucking believe the shit they say.   They just want headlines.  They just want twitter followers.   They just want to sell their music or get pageviews. They want to rile people up.  They want to infuriate you.   They win when you talk about them.  And as long as it’s illegal to murder these people or hold them responsible for their words there is no point in mentioning them.  But having said that this video was too good not to post.  This guy just fucking owned this Infowars moron.  The only thing that could have made this better is if somebody split this guy’s head open with a baseball bat.  That’s what needs to happen to these people.  First Amendment or not they deserve to be beaten to death.