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What I Learned About Football This Week: Sports Math Edition!


For those of you out of the loop: Three weeks ago I decided to stan an NFL team to get in on the action. After much consideration and an hour long twitch stream, I went with the New Orleans Saints. Here's where we're at now.

Week three of being a football fan was a good one! The Saints won again, placing them at the top of the NFC South even without our guy Drew Brees. This was one of the first times in my life I've watched a football game start to finish and I have to say, I learned a lot. I don't know how many of you are reading this because I tweeted it, but if you are (oh hey!!!) and you're a girl like me who knows jack shit about sports, maybe this blog can be of assistance.

1. '& 10' 


Okay… if I'm being honest I'm kind of pissed to learn that football involves math. Everyone knows I can't do simple addition and subtraction! Anyway, last week I learned about 'first down' etc. and how you have 4 tries to go 10 yards and get a first down. Not 100% sure what happens if they don't get a first down. That'll be next week. But I digress.

I understood the 'downs' thing, but then I was watching yesterday and there's fucking numbers, you guys. First and 10? Second and 3? What the fuuuuuck is that? Well, that number is how many yards they have to go to get a first down. So when you start you're at 1st & 10. Then say you don't make it 10 yards that play but you do make it 3 yards. Now you're at 2nd (down) & 7, because you have to go 7 yards to get a first down.

I think.

2. Don't necessarily need a touchdown to win?


Before last night, I thought field goals were kind of arbitrary if I'm being honest. You score touchdowns in football! It's exciting! The guy does a dance in the end zone (maybe? or maybe they get in trouble for that? can't remember. that'll be next week)! I thought you only kicked a field goal if you already got a touchdown and just wanted that icing on the cake. I was wrong! I guess once you're in 'field goal range' and 4th down it's pretty common practice to go for a field goal. It's not very fun to watch. They should outlaw them in the spirit of making the game more interesting… although the Saints wouldn't have won last night without their 4 field goals so. I don't know.

 Side note: I feel like I've only dated guys who are equivalent to a field goal. Gets the job done. No one's complaining. But definitely not what you really want. Check in next week for more sports relationship metaphors!