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Jenny Dell Is So Sexy When She's Pissed



This poor slob.  His wife sends him to go find the 2 for 1 hotdog stand.   He probably spent 3 innings trying to find it.  He finally comes back to his seat only to see Jenny Dell conducting an interview with some Autistic kid.   You could tell he had no clue what was going on.  His wife kept telling him to come sit.  Jenny kept ordering him to stand there.  Dude is just trying to relax.   He finally sits down and you can still tell he’s not sure whether he fucked up or not.   Then when it’s over NESN cuts back just in time for everybody to see Jenny lighting him up. Seriously I thought for a second she was going to smother him to death with her titties which I assume is her finishing move.  Oh well.  I guess this this is what happens when you  leave your couch.